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With over 30 years of making people look and feel good about themselves, Terry has the ability to help people self-transform.

Terry's Intuitive Healing involves the use of Universal healing energy, chakra opening, crystal energy, essential oils and positve affirmations.

He has gained knowlege with mentorships and workshops with Echo Bodine and Carol Lowell for Intuitive healing/energy work as well as Robert Simmons "The Alchemy of Stones" for his work with crystals and stones.

His calm and loving presence allows people to relax and let thier self-transformation begin.

Intuitive Healing

 Using Universal healing energy  for your greater good to help your body heal itself.

Crystal energy

Crystals have energy, each one is different .The energetic body can have blocks which can be neutralized with a  crystals energy. I can work with over 40 crystals and stones during a session, picking the ones that will work with your body. 

Chakra balancing

There are 7 main Chakras in the body starting at the base of the spine throughout to the crown of the head. 

Each is a spinning wheel of energy keeping us fully balanced when open and moving freely.

We will work together to help open any blockages.


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